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We provide incredibly affordable and attainable housing, let us help you obtain your goal of home ownership. Our passion for this industry has led to growth in several other states so we want to hear from you. We have a presence across Florida offering homes from eleven manufacturers. Nobility, TRU, Clayton, Legacy, Homes of Merit, Chariot Eagle, Champion, Live Oak, Redman and Palm Harbor.

Enjoying the perks of Mobile Home ownership means

you enjoy the benefits of owning your own home with much less maintenance then a Brick Built Home, yet you still have your own space that you can paint, decorate, and live in however YOU want.
Don’t forget reduced property taxes - Another perk of buying a mobile home is that you won’t have a heavy property taxes, which can be a major expense in itself.

Don’t forget reduced property taxes

Another perk of buying a mobile home is that you won’t have a heavy property taxes, which can be a major expense in itself.


Modern manufactured homes are attainable and have many advantages. Buying a singlewide mobile home is more affordable than traditional concrete built homes. Mobile homes are also relatively easier and much quicker to setup/build once the home has been produced. For those interested in joining the Tiny home movement then purchasing a mobile home is a start. These tiny, compact, affordable houses are practically everywhere you look.


With today's double- and triple-wide homes, you're not going to sacrifice much in the way of style, floor space, or amenities. A manufactured home also gives you the option of someday moving it with relative ease to a new location, although more of today's manufactured homes are intended to stay put. Newer manufactured homes also use very similar - if not the same - building materials as standard concrete built homes. Much of the current cost savings is due to efficiencies in the building process and not the use of cheaper materials, as has been a factor in the past.


Buying a used mobile home has its advantages when you look at your options. When calculating the price of a used mobile home, it’s best to start at the beginning and work your way from there. The first thing you should look for is the age of the home. The most important date to remember when you shop around for a used mobile home is 1976. This is when the new HUD-code came into effect which dramatically upped the demands placed on building standards of mobile homes. It was a direct answer to all the health and safety concerns surrounding mobile homes at the time. It’s also since then that mobile homes started to be officially referred to as "manufactured housing".

We now offer Modular Homes

Choosing between a Modular and Manufactured Home

If you decide that you want a modular or manufactured home instead of a site-built home, it’s important to consider your needs and preferences.
Modular homes are generally considered sturdier, and they follow market trends similar to what is seen with more “traditional” site-built homes. However, they can be just as expensive as a traditional home and must meet local building codes.
Manufactured homes, on the other hand, can be much cheaper than other types of homes. They are rarely set on a permanent foundation, depending on how they are set in place will determine how much money you spend on the home over time. Weigh the pros and cons of modular vs. manufactured homes as you make your decision so you can get the type of home that works best for your situation.

What you can expect from Mobile Homes USA.

We are locally owned and operated, with the lowest prices anywhere! We have homes for every budget and guarantee you'll get the most value for your money! We are members of the FHMA - Florida Manufactured Housing Association, Inc. which is a statewide organization dedicated to the promotion of the best-built home in America.

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I am active in several different areas and own multiple businesses including Steel Recovery Solutions, LLC, Mobile Homes USA and am an authorized bidder for FEMA and other Federal Government divisions to purchase Real Estate. Mobile Homes, Mobile Offices and Real Estate, Aircraft, Boats, Machinery and Equipment along with other assets as needed. I have a 105 Acre commercial space Offices and Warehouse facility in Jacksonville, Illinois which is leased to Ameren Electric and am a Joint Owner of a Chrysler transmission facility in Kokomo, Indiana which is leased to them. My company also owns a railroad Switchyard in Fort Worth. TX and a larger portfolio of Waterfront properties in Southwest Florida and Manufactured Housing nationwide.

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