Manufactured Homes: The Future of Housing

29 / 05 / 2019

By Owen Mitford


For all of us at , the central message of 2019 is clear: Manufactured homes are the future of housing.

Just take a look at the industry’s growth over recent years. The continuously increasing adoption of technological innovations is making both buying and selling a manufactured home easier and more accessible for home shoppers and retailers respectively. And new policies at both the state and national level make it easier than ever for prospective buyers to enter the prefab market.

But if we want to maintain an upward trajectory, more work needs to be done. As we turn the page into a new year, our industry is poised to continue growing – if, and only if, we all collectively commit to doubling down on supporting our industry through concentrated brand-building and a focused marketing message.

For those of us who work in the industry – whether it be on the local, regional, or national level – what does that mean? It means quitting the decades-old habit of complacency and half measures. It means actively pushing to find new and unique ways to champion manufactured homes at every opportunity.

Simply put, it means spending the money and resources on advertising our industry in a positive way to the millions of Americans whose lives our products can improve.

At the end of the day, our competition is not with ourselves – our true competitor is the stick-built home, and the only way we can regain market share is by investing in the tools that can push our industry to the front of the homebuyer’s attention. Those who work in the industry are, without a doubt, the best possible advocates for the long list of benefits that manufactured homes bring to the table. Our industry desperately needs the voice of its members, and constant, active participation to keep this momentum going.

As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting the manufactured housing industry and educating the public, is kicking off the year by launching an inaugural marketing campaign titled “Manufactured Housing: At Home in the Future.” The campaign consists of seven informative commercials between 15 and 60 seconds long, which paint a clear picture of what manufactured homes are, why home buyers should take notice, and why our industry is ushering in a new era of modern, sustainable housing.

There are seven videos in total, with topics ranging from manufactured homes’ environmental benefits to the ample amount of emerging-built in technologies, like voice control systems, that are now becoming available in new homes. All seven have a singular message: the greatest selling point of manufactured homes are their highly affordable price point and infinite customization options. This is the first of many more marketing campaigns to promote our industry and our products. We hope that you join us in this effort to win back our much-deserved share of the American housing market.

The seven videos are embedded below. We ask that you use the #TheFutureofHousing hashtag when you share these videos to help start an online conversation about manufactured homes as a strong kick-off to the new year. Choose your favorite video, share it to your favorite social platform, and let’s all start a discussion about manufactured homes being the future of housing.

2019 will bring even more opportunities for homebuyers, sellers, and the community at large to learn about the promise of factory-built housing. is prepared to do what it takes to help empower everyone to become active participants in advocating for a more sustainable, affordable, and forward-thinking tomorrow through manufactured housing. would like to personally thank our industry partners for their commitment to improving the manufactured housing industry as a whole throughout the years:

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