Winter is coming and we are all happy

27 / 09 / 2018 Mobile Home Living

Ways To Winterize Your Mobile Home…
Manufactured homes, including modular and mobile homes, can be cozy
and economical living solutions. Make sure yours is well-prepared for cold,
wet winter weather and you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

When arriving back in Florida for the winter months perform a routine furnace maintenance.
Replace filters, clean out the exhaust vent and inspect the thermostat, you should make the same check with your air conditioner so you know you will be cool during the day and comfortable at night.

Florida is known for extreme heat and rain in the Summer so Fill in the cracks…
Structural expansion and contraction can create gaps that water and cold
air can flow through, of course cold air in Florida is something we long for in Florida. But in late December and January we certainly feel a chill in the air as nighttime falls. Use spray foam
insulation to touch up chinks and holes around fixtures, doors, windows, water and exhaust pipes, and exposed rivets, bolts or screws.

Inspect, repair and seal the roof…
If your home has a metal roof, you should re-seal it every year. If you have a shingled
roof, make sure that loose or missing shingles are repaired and sealed.

Since the rainy season is moving on be sure to Clean out gutters and make sure downspouts drain away from your home ready for any last minute storms and of course to make sure they are ready for next year….
Standing water next to your home is a beautiful thing if you are a mosquito! It can also damage your water pipes and crack the slab or foundation. Make sure drainage exits several feet from your
home and flows away from it.

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